Barrington Hills Police Department

Neighborhood Watch Program

The Barrington Hills Neighborhood Watch program is a cooperative venture between the community and police department.  Participants in the Neighborhood Watch program act as the “eyes and ears” of the police department in their respective neighborhoods with the ultimate goal of reducing burglaries and other neighborhood crimes.  All Barrington Hills residents are encouraged to participate in the Neighborhood Watch program.

Participating neighborhoods are divided into “blocks” which are supervised by Block Captains.  Block Captains act as the liaison between their neighborhood and the police department.  Block Captains are responsible for organizing block meetings, encouraging neighborhood participation in the program, and monitoring crime trends and problems in their neighborhood.  Anyone interested in becoming a block captain is encouraged to contact Officer Sabas Parada via email, SParada (at), or telephone, 847-551-3006.

Quarterly Neighborhood Watch meetings are held at the Barrington Hills Village Hall and are open to all members of the community.  All Barrington Hills residents are encouraged to attend meetings to benefit from the public safety information discussed.  Meeting summaries, as well as copies of or links to articles distributed, will be posted on this site so that those were unable to attend can still benefit from the information.